Can I get funding for a teacher training course in FE?

Check our financial incentives page for information but in short, apart from Student Loans, only in particular subject areas [maths, English].

Do I need maths and English GCSEs to get a job as a teacher in FE?

There are no regulations about this as there are in schools but be aware some employers might ask for them. Usually however vocational experience is most highly prized.

I used to teach part time years ago – can I still get a job or do I need to re-qualify?

There are no legal requirements to hold any particular qualification but an employer might require it. Best thing to do is to ask them what they expect.

Can I teach in a school with a FE teacher qualification?

This is possible but often, if you have not also gained QTLS, you may be paid at a lower rate than other schools teachers. If your main aim is to teach in a school then you are probably best advised to do a schools’ PGCE, for which your best source of information is the Get into Teaching website.

Can I teach with assessor qualifications?

Again this is up to the employer but we recommend all those who are engaged in teaching should hold teaching qualifications.