Talent to Teach in FE

We are keen to ensure a good workforce supply and so encouraging graduates into teaching in the Further Education (FE) sector is frequently on our agenda.

The Talent to Teach in FE (formerly Pathways to FE teaching) scheme aims to raise awareness of Further Education teaching as a career option among second year and final year undergraduates and postgraduate students as well as strengthen the partnership and links between FE and Higher Education (HE) providers and thus establish a new pipeline of entrants to the FE sector.

Our delivery partner, Cognition Education, devised a fully supported scheme, working with Higher Education Institutions (HEI) and local FE providers to recruit and find placements for applicants within local colleges or independent training providers.

During the three years, Cognition Education has successfully placed close to a 1000 participants including more than 170 during the last academic term, where the programme was modified to allow remote or hybrid delivery to ensure the continuation during the coronavirus pandemic and received an overwhelmingly positive feedback. In the recent Evaluation Survey conducted by Cognition Education 100% of the providers said they would recommend the scheme to other providers.

Students experienced a range of activities including classroom experience, ongoing mentoring, opportunity to prepare and deliver a microteach and listen to guest speakers, with a number of participants going on to pursue a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) or secure a role within FE.

Get an insight into the experience students had during the placement in the video below.

Further information for students

Talent to Teach in FE offers second and final year undergraduates and postgraduate students an exciting opportunity to gain an understanding of what it is like to work and teach in Further Education through a short 40-hour placement opportunity. For more info, see our participant leaflet.

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Further information for FE providers

Talent to Teach in FE is a unique project, funded by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF), that aims to promote teaching in Further Education (FE) as a career choice and encourage university students to consider a future in the sector. For more info, see our provider leaflet.

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Some feedback from T2TFE participants and providers:

“I would highly recommend this programme to others and would like to thank the T2TFE team for all their support. My placement allowed me to experience first-hand what my role and responsibilities are likely to be; and the kind of work I will be doing daily – and this was a very good insight into the Further Education.”

Nikita, T2TFE participant

“I began my PGCE course in September at the same college I did my Talent to Teach in FE placement at. I will qualify in May! Thank you for your programme as I never would have considered teaching as a career. I absolutely loved it.”

Susan, T2TFE participant

“When you haven’t experienced going to an FE college, you don’t realise how much there is to it. It was a really insightful programme and I recommend anyone who is even vaguely interested or curious about FE.”

Harry, T2TFE participant

“The Talent to Teach programme gives us the chance to highlight the benefits of a career in Further Education. It also helps graduates to understand that their knowledge and skills are in demand in the sector.”

Chesterfield College

“The Talent To Teach in FE programme has brought a new dimension to the curriculum offer for those people new to education and is a fantastic opportunity to explore the world of Further Education with undergraduates, highlighting what a rewarding career path this can be. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with participants of this programme and look forward to facilitating this in the future.”

Wiltshire College

“The Talent to Teach in FE scheme has given Halesowen College the opportunity to work with a wide range of enthusiastic individuals, who may potentially be interested in employment in the further education sector. Staff at the College have found the experience very rewarding. We are excited about the continued partnership with ETF and Cognition Education in encouraging graduates into further education teaching. “

Halesowen College

“At Juniper Training we’ve had a number of students who have discovered their passion for working with young people, via Talent to Teach. This has provided them with the foundations they’ve needed to explore a variety of career options within further education.”

Juniper Training Walsall

Programme Evaluation

A study reporting on participants’ experiences of the Talent to Teach programme and its effectiveness is available. The evaluation report showed that the programme effectively raised participants’ awareness of teaching in FE, leading to experiences which created significant enthusiasm and interest in such a career amongst a majority. Also importantly, it helped others appreciate teaching was not likely to be for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

To read our response to some of the common questions we are asked by students about the Talent to Teach in FE  programme please download our Talent to Teach in FE FAQs

If you would like to get involved or for further information please contact Raina Roberts on rroberts@cognitioneducation.com

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