Over 267,000 Side by Side enrollments since launched in July 2017

In this blog, the ETF’s Selina Stewart and Pete Munday give an update on the Side by Side modules which support providers with a resource which improves learners understanding of the dangers of radicalisation.

Selina Stewart

Selina Stewart

Pete Munday

Pete Munday

The ETF are delighted to announce that the number of enrolments on the Side by Side modules for learners has passed 267,000.

Our roles as Associates at the Education and Training Foundation involve supporting providers with their Prevent duty including updating the Prevent for FE and training website, providing training for providers across the sector, giving advice to the sector and supporting the staff and learner online Prevent duty awareness raising modules.

What is Side By Side?

Side by Side is a free online resource for learners across the Further Education and Training Sector, funded by the Department for Education (DfE); it provides engaging learning modules which cover the Prevent duty through dramas and documentaries. The modules cover: extremism and radicalisation, staying safe online, deciding what you can trust and British values.

Side by Side is available free on the ETF Learners website.

The package consists of two introductory drama videos, four modules and four knowledge checks.

The dramas

Screenshot of Side by Side modules

The two introduction videos set the scene for drama modules 1-3. These modules tell the story of Mark and Louise and make it clear that both became involved in extremist activity (without specifying exactly what that is).

There are four modules:

  • Radicalisation and extremism
  • Staying safe online
  • What Can You Trust?
  • British values

Screenshot of Side by Side modules

There are screens with input and simple interactivity.

Side by Side Advice and guidance video

Plus videos with advice and guidance from experts in the field.

Screenshot of Prevent Side by Side animation

There is a summary at the end of each modules that uses animation to reinforce the key learning points

Assessments and the Certificate

Side by Side Assessments

At the end of each module there is a knowledge check consisting of 10 questions. If the learner passes they can go to the Certificate link and either download or print a certificate.

Facilitator guide

There is also an accompanying Facilitator Guide with ideas about how the resources might be used and activities to develop and extend learning.  The guide can be accessed and downloaded from the Facilitator and Staff area on the home page https://www.etflearners.org.uk/course/view.php?id=3

“The learners all really enjoyed the Side by Side and said it gave them a better understanding in all areas. They were looking forward to the next sessions.”

“I found the ‘stories’ of the 2 young people interesting and very relatable. The modules opened my eyes and made me realise this is not just an issue for the Islamic community- anyone could be targeted for different reasons.”

“The video clips are very well done. In the radicalisation and extremism module it was good that you didn’t know what the individuals were being exposed to so all learners could engage with the material.”

“It is a good resource for students who are distant learners and do not attend College often.”

“I learnt a lot from the British Values modules, as I knew very little about that before.”

“The modules opened up my eyes and reminded me of the world out there. There are bad things that happen out there so it reminded me to be careful what to put online and who might see it.”

“I like that they were broken up with quizzes, movie clips, reading & picture diagrams.”

I found Extremism and Radicalisation very interesting as Extremism seems to be everywhere. I just didn’t really understand about the extremists and what there intensions (sic) were, and how they radicalise people. I now understand allot(sic) more than I did.”

“I liked British values because it helped me get a better understanding of what it was about.”

Support for staff on the Prevent agenda

Resources to support can be downloaded free from our Prevent website

Face to face training is available on Prevent and British Values and The Prevent Duty for Safeguarding Officers.  Note face to face training is charged for.  See here for further details.

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