CfESEND blog: employer experiences and supporting learners with transition into work

Blog by Elaine Dale, Director of SEND at City College Norwich (CCN), for the Centres for Excellence in SEND programme.

In our recent webinar this month, we spoke to Jayne Rayner, the manager of Alburgh with Denton pre-school nursery in Norfolk, who spoke about her commitment to employing learners with SEND. Jayne has worked with the college for many years successfully recruiting apprentices to the nursery.  

Jayne notes that:

Inclusion is about getting recruitment and selection right. We look beyond the disability as its about having the right skills and attributes for role.’  

Jayne advocates work experience as a great way for both parties to make choices about employment. It also acts as a great paced transition into the workplace. Before the new employee knows it, they are making great transition from college to work because of this step-by-step approach.  

Our job coaches, teachers and support staff work really hard to ensure learners have acquired the skills needed for work and are ready for the journey from college into work. However, starting work can be daunting, but here there are some top tips for learners to get ready for their first few days at work.  

When starting work learners will have all sorts of concerns and some are around understanding the generation gap and approaches and different ways of communicating to people who work at range of levels including management. 

Another key factor is about doing well, being successful and professional growth. It’s important to understand how promotions at the workplace are achieved.  

It’s a daunting time for learners, so we have created a top tip guide to help with successful transition from college to workplace for level one learners’ and above and entry level. Please also keep a watchful eye on the Centres for Excellence in SEND area on the SEND site for resources, webinars and updates.  

A couple of resources on nasen’s send gateway are also useful:

For more information on our upcoming webinars , visit the Centres for Excellence in SEND webpages.


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