Support for remote working

Start your digital CPD journey with the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform

Enhance starter guide coverThe Education and Training Foundation (ETF) has developed a user-friendly online training service, the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform (EnhanceDTP), designed specifically to help the Further Education (FE) sector staff with scarce time for CPD to respond to self-identified training needs. The focus is on effective teaching, rather than technology, with a structure that puts you in control of your own digital CPD.

The platform features two core offers – the first focused on use of Educational Technology (EdTech) in teaching and training, based on the Digital Teaching Professional Framework (DTPF), and the second on Essential Digital Skills for life and work.

This guide is for teachers and trainers in FE who are looking for free, easy-to-access support to develop their teaching practice using technology. The 60-minute Teacher Starter Pack (accessible version) aims to equip practitioners to support their learners whatever the circumstances. 

Upcoming webinars

18 February – Using learners’ own devices and selecting appropriate tools

As learners continue to study remotely and are likely to be taught using a blended delivery mode in the future, this webinar will explore how to select tools that will work for learners using their own device. We’ll consider useful steps you can take to ensure the tools you use are accessible for learners and support your needs too.

25 February – Learning from others and fostering practitioner networks

We learn as much from our peers as we do from a training session. This webinar explores how you can maximise your learning by working with your peers and how you can support the fostering of practitioner networks, through the development of practitioner-led approaches. 

4 March – Digital Accessibility

Delivering teaching, learning and assessment that meets the needs of all your learners is a challenge and technology makes it easier if you know how to use it appropriately. Digital resources are generally more accessible than traditional handouts and you can significantly improve their accessibility by making small and simple changes. By taking time to reflect on student needs,  you can produce a mind shift in your delivery approach that benefits all learners.

11 March – Engaging Learners and maintaining good mental health when delivering remotely

Remote delivery can be hard – when students don’t seem to want to engage. Some learners may be reluctant to turn on their webcam or speak using their mic.  Others with specific needs may feel anxious about typing responses in the chat pane. In this webinar we’ll explore how you can feel confident learners are engaged, and how in the process you look after your own mental health.

18 March – Digital differentiation in delivery and assessment

Finding enough time to manage what seems like an ever increasing workload is a challenge for most teachers and trainers. When time is tight, how do you ensure that you can still differentiate your delivery and assessment activities when teaching remotely? Digital technologies can give learners more choices, more agency and more support than is possible with traditional teaching methods. This webinar will explore approaches you can use and give you the opportunity to share ideas.

25 March – Extending your digital skills

Whatever your current level of digital skills and use of digital pedagogies it’s time to move to the next level. Remote and blended learning are likely to remain part of our practice in the future. This webinar explores how you can extend your skills, what resources there are to support you, what CPD frameworks are available and how you can evidence your learning. 

More information on the webinars and supporting modules can be found on the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform.