Governors' Modules

The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) has published two revised modules for Governors.

These modules are designed to provide information, advice and guidance for ALL governors and trustees about their safeguarding and Prevent duties and responsibilities within their organisations.  These modules have also been written in a way that is relevant for directors and SMTs within the wider FE and Training Sector.

The modules have been significantly re-written to raise the bar in terms of legal awareness of roles and responsibilities around safeguarding in line with current guidance and good practice.  We are anticipating new OFSTED guidance following the recent review of sexual abuse in schools and colleges and these modules will be updated.

The purpose of these modules is to: ·

  • Ensure you are clear about your safeguarding role and responsibility as a governor or trustee
  • Ensure you are clear about your responsibility to protect learners and staff/volunteers from harm and to create an effective safeguarding culture within your organisation.

NB: If you are the named Governor for Safeguarding and Prevent then you do not need to do both modules.

Safeguarding for Governors (2021)

This module is divided into six sections and will enable you to:

  • Define safeguarding, its purpose and relevance to an education and training provider.
  • Describe the legal statutory duties and guidance related to safeguarding and Prevent.
  • Explain what policies and procedures should be in place within the organisation.
  • Outline Ofsted’s role in safeguarding and how organisations are expected to meet the requirements for ‘effective safeguarding’.
  • Identify the different roles and responsibilities for effective safeguarding practice.
  • Describe an effective approach to safeguarding risk management, from strategy to operational implementation and the Board’s role in assurance for implementation.

Understanding Your Role as a Safeguarding Governor (2021)

This module is designed to provide information, advice and guidance for governors and trustees about their safeguarding responsibilities within their institutions. This module will:

  • Introduce safeguarding and governance in the FE and Training sector
  • Outline the purpose of the named safeguarding governor role
  • Examine relevant safeguarding legislation and statutory guidance
  • Consider safeguarding policies and procedures
  • Explore safeguarding risk assessment
  • Understand safeguarding compliance requirements.