Theme 1: An adapted mastery approach to maths suitable for post-16

There are four key elements that work in Mastery should consider:

  1. a mastery approach
  2. a mastery curriculum
  3. mastery teaching
  4. achieving mastery.

Fundamental to a mastery approach is the belief by students, and their teachers, that with hard work all are capable of being successful at maths. In that sense, a can-do mastery approach should frame all maths education beliefs and practice; we will address this aspect of mastery through our work on motivation and engagement.

mastery curriculum is one that pays careful attention to

  • How resources are suitable for a variety of settings
  • How topics should be prioritised and organised
  • The amount of guidance provided, and flexibility allowed in curriculum specification
  • Teacher knowledge of students’ likely approaches to Maths and how to develop these in ways that increase insight into mathematical structure.

Mastery teaching involves pedagogic approaches that aim to enhance both understanding and fluency. This requires both:

  1. a) well-designed resources that support students to develop understanding that builds upon prior knowledge, and,
  2. b) teachers knowledge of pedagogies that capitalise on the opportunities these resources afford.

When achieving mastery, students work towards knowing ‘why’ things (will) work when they are doing maths rather than working on simply memorising procedures. This requires teaching mathematics for mastery.

We will work towards a well-designed and resourced mastery curriculum alongside professional development that enables the achievement of mastery.

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