Theme 2: Motivating and Engaging Learners

Motivation and engagement are often considered in conjunction with concepts such as beliefs, attitudes and emotions (such as self-efficacy and anxiety). There is much research and anecdotal evidence of GCSE re-sit students having negative responses in all or most of these areas. The work that addresses this theme should, therefore, engender positive emotions, provide additional motivation and lead to better engagement with learning maths. This requires a focus on:

  1. Classroom cultures that develop good relationships (teacher-student)
  2. Learning activities that relate to students’ interests
  3. Recognition of students’ ways of working in the main part of their study programme by reflecting this in their maths lessons (for example, encouraging active social involvement where necessary)
  4. Appropriate and achievable short-term goals that support a ‘growth mind-set’/’can do’ attitude and resilience; monitoring recognising/rewarding success in achieving these.
  5. Promoting positive images and the importance of maths across the whole college curriculum.

The aim will be to develop an approach to improving student motivation and engagement around these key elements.

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