English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) support

The ETF is continuing to provide support to ESOL practitioners. Alongside the general resources on the Excellence Gateway, specific resources have been created to support practitioners who are working with ESOL learners who are often referred to as being at a ‘pre-Entry’ level, who we refer to as ‘New to ESOL’ learners, including specific resources to better meet the early integration needs of refugees who are new arrivals.

We will also be continuing with our provision of targeted events to address the professional and learning development needs of a wide range of ESOL practitioners in relation to ‘New to ESOL’ learners as well as follow-up events for practitioners who have already attended a training event during the original duration of the project, to enable further development of these practitioners’ skills and knowledge. Given the sector-wide need for development in this area of ESOL teaching practice we have also developed a ‘train the trainer’ programme which seeks to identify and develop local teacher trainers and/or advanced and experienced practitioners to deliver ‘New to ESOL’ training to colleagues to increase the sustainable capacity for ‘New to ESOL’ development at local levels.

For further information, please contact: jaya.varsani@etfoundation.co.uk