Free modules, tools and resources

The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) have a range of  free online modules, tools and resources available for teachers and trainers throughout the Further Education and Training sector. A number of the key opportunities and support available are listed below.

Excellence Gateway

Excellence Gateway’s Maths Exhibition site: bringing the most effective maths resources together for:

Excellence Gateway’s English Exhibition site: bringing the most effective English resources together for:

Foundation Online Learning

Our Foundation Online Learning platform has a range of courses, guidelines and resources for both maths and English covering GCSE and Functional Skills modules, self-evaluations, and tests.

Top Ten Tips

There is not one simple solution to improve maths and English and each organisation will have its own set of unique challenges. However, there is a growing body of expertise that suggest some critical success factors for providers. Our Top Ten Tips provide advice and guidance to improve outcomes in Maths and English.

We also have Ten Top Tips for ESOL covering:

  • Teaching ESOL learners with basic literacy needs.
  • Supporting ESOL learners in functional skills and GCSE English classes.
  • Supporting ESOL learners on vocational courses.