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The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) advocate an approach to mentoring and coaching of teachers in the Further Education and Training sector which is: 

  • developmental and nurturing in nature 
  • rooted in collaboration and support 
  • adaptable to the individual needs of the mentee/coachee. 

The Department for Education (DfE) started funding a programme of work in 2020-21 that focuses on developing high quality mentoring training to support teachers from early careers onwards to develop and progress within the sector in order to improve the retention of new teachers entering the Further Education and Training sector. 

The overall aims of this programme are to improve the quality of mentoring for practitioners in the Further Education and Training sector to increase the effectiveness of the support offered to mentees. We anticipate that this programme will promote a shared understanding of what makes up effective mentoring practices, produce a high-quality and evidence-informed training for new mentors, produce an ambitious ongoing professional development for experienced or qualified mentors, raise awareness of what mentoring looks like and promote best practice for mentoring.

In order to achieve this in 2021-22 the Mentoring programme outlines four key stages of the programme:

Information on this programme is available on the programme flyer.

In 2020-21 ETF commissioned a short-term review of effective practice in mentoring training and a rapid evidence review of the role of mentoring coordinator, both reports are available in the Research section.

For general enquiries please contact Mentoring Team by emailing

T Level Leadership Mentoring

If you are in a middle leadership position delivering, or planning to deliver, T Levels, you may be interested in our T Level Leadership Mentoring Programme. A specialist mentor will help you grow your leadership and management skills through coaching and reflection, whilst exploring your motivations, strengths and areas for development in relation to your T Level delivery.