In 2020-2021, 245 FE practitioners who are mentoring or coaching colleagues (teachers or trainers) will be able to undertake a free professional development programme through the ETF. There are two programmes available: one for new mentors/coaches and one for experienced or qualified mentors who want to continue their professional development in this field. In addition, for each mentor allocated a place on the programme their employer will receive a grant of £6000.

The grant will contribute towards:

  • The cost of reducing the mentors’ teaching timetable so they can undertake a mentoring professional development course (see below).
  • The cost of reducing the mentors’ teaching timetable so they are able to conduct a minimum of 40 – 50 hours of mentoring support over a six-month period (NB this is a core component of the professional development programme outlined below).
  • If reducing a mentor’s teaching timetable is not feasible, then the cost of paying the mentor to undertake the additional mentoring responsibilities.
  • The cost of reducing mentees’ teaching timetables so they are able to meet with their mentor on a regular basis.
  • Administrative costs of a mentoring coordinator who will match mentors and mentees, monitor the number of meetings taking place, and complete a monthly performance report for ETF.
  • The travel costs of mentors attending the in-person mentoring professional development programme (see below).

A small proportion of the grant may also be used towards the cost of leaders/managers of the participating FE provider or group of providers undertaking a needs analysis and creating a development plan for how they can effect a quality mentoring across their organisation/s with the support of an expert facilitator provided through ETF. There will be a maximum of five grants available per FE provider. Depending on initial uptake, there may be additional places available at a later date.

Participants will need to complete an application form and provide details of the Grant Contact from within the organisation. The ETF will contact this person to gather further information about how the grant money will be utilised before they are accepted onto the programme. The grant contact should be a manager or leader in the organisation who will ensure that you are able to mentor colleagues for 40 -50 hours and attend the professional development programme. This person will manage how the grant is spent and will be required to attend a short monthly call with the ETF for the duration of the professional development programme.

For general enquiries please contact Melissa Ruxton.