The AP programme will be delivering a number of activities, targeted at managers, organisation and practitioners operating in Advanced Practitioner (AP)-type roles.

Blended CPD modules

Designed to support experienced APs and managers of APs.

Delivery of these modules is expected to start from October 2020.

For those APs who have some experience of practising the Thinking Environment, this blended module will focus on practising the facilitation of applications such as thinking pairs, dialogue, timed talk, thinking rounds and time to think councils – with opportunities during the delivery of this module to practice these skills.

For APs keen to re-examine observations through formative, and not performative, lens, this module will explore expansive and practical ways of using observations developmentally. There will be a big focus on developing the coaching beliefs, behaviours and skills underpinning such an approach. Book your place

For managers leading AP-type teams, this module will focus on how to create and sustain the conditions for AP teams to thrive, including exploring vision, resources and skills investment in APs. Book your place

In-house course

Organisations looking to develop their AP team can benefit from a three-day ‘Developing APs’ in-house course.

The aim of this course is to:

  • enable APs to get to know each other
  • develop a shared understanding and confidence in the role, and
  • help managers align the role with their organisation’s vision within a developmental model.

The course also provides space and time for teams to meaningfully scope collaborative quality improvement projects. The course will include wrap around mentoring support for managers to ensure everyone involved gets maximum value.

Managers will also undertake detailed self-assessment on how they implement the AP-type role, drawing on the Manager Guide which forms part of the AP Toolkit.

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Communities of Practice (CoP)

This is a blended programme with collaboration and quality improvement at its heart. There are 100 places available across the three CoP pathways.

This foundation pathway is for APs who haven’t been involved in the Education and Training Foundation’s AP programme previously. This is a six-month blended programme. APs will work with an action learning set of four other peers to progress their small-scale quality improvement project, meeting regularly online and undertaking online learning modules.

The CPD Graduates pathway is for APs who have participated in previous years. This pathway enables APs to continue their AP journey. APs work collaboratively to amplify their QI projects, utilising social media and running an AP-led conference.

Graduates and national agents of change pathway is for C graduates who will be supported to work as national agents of change. They can access funds to organise and run regional AP-type networks and will be supported to craft and publish their stories.

Applications are closed. 

This year, APs will be asked to support the development of maths/English as they work with staff in their AP-type role. All CoP applicants will be invited to state how they intend to support this in their applications as they outline ideas of their small-scale QI projects. We have also expanded our team and we have four APs who will be running maths and English Ideas Rooms (an application of the Thinking Environment) starting September 2020.

National Conference

The national AP Conference will take place on Friday 26 March 2021.

Additional information

We will also be providing mentoring support for up to 15 APs from BAME communities and/or declaring a disability to ensure APs we are supporting are representative of the wider student population, across the breadth of the further education and training sector.

The AP programme is also working with the Society for Education and Training to ensure pathways, particularity CoP, align with Advanced Teacher Status on a very practical level. So for APs thinking about ATS, activities on the AP programme could generate evidence towards the ATS portfolio.

For further details please contact: Jaya Varsani