Practice Development Groups (PDGs)

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The ETF is establishing Practice Development Groups (PDGs) across England. This new programme is designed to promote practitioner-led, collaborative professional development across the Further Education and Training sector.

PDGs will consist of action learning sets of practitioners who will meet and work together on a short-term, small-scale project to improve an aspect of their teaching, learning and assessment. The projects can cover any programme of study in the FE sector but need to develop an aspect of teaching, learning and assessment to enhance the teaching of English or the embedding of maths or English into that area.  All organisations delivering FE provisions are being encouraged to take part and our partners will start recruiting eligible organisations from July 2020 with project work to commence in October 2020.

We hope that PDGs give practitioners an insight into practitioner-led development and an interest to move onto more substantial and systematic approaches to practitioner research such as the ETF’s OTLA collaborative projects. Our aim through the PDG programme is to create amongst providers, an expansive learning environments which will facilitate professional growth and development through participation in a community of practice.

 For further information, please contact your regional lead or Jaya Varsani.