STEM Teaching and Learning

The Education and Training Foundation is committed to supporting improvements in STEM teaching and learning across our sector. Activity is currently being explored in partnership with a wide range of external partners and bodies, and we are seeking to build a national consensus on the most effective actions to improve recruitment of teaching staff, retention and CPD.

Currently the Foundation is supporting the STEM Exchange (see below) which was developed as part of the STEM Alliance. We are also working to promote wider activity to our sector, including ENTHUSE bursaries, the STEM Insight programme and CPD opportunities offered through STEM Learning.

Details of our future plans will be released shortly.

Previous Activity:

In October 2014 Semta was awarded a contract to design a programme to improve the quality of STEM teaching and training across England.  The project, aimed to develop a higher level of competence, confidence and collaboration in the existing STEM teaching and training workforce and to improve recruitment and retention of new teachers and tutors.

The STEM Alliance programme was launched at an event at the House of Lords on 21 October 2014.  Activities focussed on identifying and sharing good practice and the best resources, delivering a series of events for new and existing STEM teachers and tutors and actively engaging with employers.


The STEM Alliance developed a range of activity, including Share Workshops for teaching staff across the sector to collaborate with and learn from those in industry. The Alliance also developed a range of studies and impact measures. Various resources from the project can be found on the Excellence Gateway.

The STEM Exchange and STEM Experience

One particular success was the STEM Exchange. The Exchange has successfully recruited over a thousand STEM employers to its register who are willing to offer CPD to teaching staff in their area, and several hundred exchanges and visits have now taken place. The Exchange continues to run as part of our commitment to STEM improvement, and has been expanded to include work experience opportunities in the STEM sector, which you can find on the new STEM Experience site.

For further information about STEM support please contact Paul Kessell-Holland: 0203 740 8260 /