T Level Professional Development

In February 2020, the Department for Education announced it was commissioning the ETF to continue to deliver a T Level Professional Development (TLPD) offer from April 2020 until 2024, as T Levels are rolled out on a larger scale.

From April 2020, relevant teaching and training modules will remain in place from the first phase of TLPD. Those modules can be accessed here. Additional support will come on stream throughout 2020. Sign up to receive updates as that support becomes available, making sure to tick the ‘T Levels’ box.

We will continue to bring to our role delivering TLPD our experience and expertise from working in partnership with the sector, in particular, those who are due to start teaching T Levels later this year and in 2021.

Additionally, we will utilise the expertise of employers, professional bodies, T Level panels and others that we work with including our key partners: Association of Colleges, Association of School and College Leaders, Cognition, FutureLearn, AlphaPlus, Further Education Associates and Oxford Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.

The continuing aim of the TLPD offer is to ensure that organisations are equipped to teach T Levels on the very first day learners walk through the doors of a classroom or workshop. This means the technical education workforce having the teaching skills, subject knowledge and confidence needed to deliver a high-quality T Level. The offer will continue to be shaped around the needs of the workforce alongside relevant regional, employer and curriculum requirements.

The core elements of the next phase of the T Level Professional Development offer will be:

Training Needs Analysis: Each T Level provider will undertake an organisational training needs analysis (TNA) to identify their professional development needs, followed by individual TNAs for all relevant staff to identify the TLPD support they require.

Understanding T Levels: This will be a wide-reaching engagement programme, underpinned by comprehensive professional development. It will enable every member of staff within a provider to fully understand T Levels and confidently play their part in their successful introduction.

T Level Continuing Professional Development (CPD): There will be personalised CPD journeys created from a range of available courses, modules, workshops and other activities structured to meet the needs of individual teachers and trainers. This will be based on two elements: the overall requirements for teaching T Levels for those with teaching experience and for new teachers, plus specific CPD for each T Level route.

Professional Development for Leaders: Professional development will be available to support all staff in leadership roles to inspire and lead the change process, in good time before their organisations first teach T Levels.

Knowledge Hubs: A range of national, regional and local networks will be created to enable those involved in delivering T Levels to interact and collaborate on a regional and subject specific basis. The networks will support them to reflect on and embed their CPD to make improvements to their practice.

For further information about this T Level Professional Development offer, please contact us at TLPD@etfoundation.co.uk. You can also register to receive email updates (tick the ‘T Levels’ box).