Networks and TRIPs enable those involved in delivering T Levels, and those considering delivery in the future, to interact and exchange ideas and resources.


Networks are suitable for:

  • practitioners involved in the direct delivery of T Levels, including teachers and trainers
  • support staff managers.

Networks will help you to:

  • collaborate with others, developing, exchanging and exploring new ideas and ways of working
  • network with providers across your region
  • develop creative partnerships and identify future CPD based on FE sector colleagues personal and professional development needs
  • share information, resources and toolkits to support T Level delivery
  • gain expert input from regional stakeholders
  • reflect on and review professional development needs
  • engage with employers and gain a better understanding of industry requirements.

Course delivery: the events will take place once or twice per term, depending on demand. Networks are designed to happen face-to-face*, virtually and online.

*Please note where events cannot run face-to-face due to local or national Covid-19 government guidance, they will be delivered as live online events. We will make best use of available technology to enable participants to continue to speak, collaborate and engage with high-quality personal and professional development.

Online Network Community Spaces

These spaces allow practitioners to connect digitally with other T Level provider staff, to communicate, share ideas, resources and insights. The spaces are hosted on Teams. Find out more on the T Level Professional Development Platform.

How to book 

We are currently hosting a series of Networks on:

  • Curriculum Design and Delivery 
  • Industry Placements
  • Marketing
  • Schools

Please create your profile on our T Level Professional Development Platform to access the available Networks.

T Level Resource Improvement Projects (TRIPs)

TRIPs are provider-led, action research projects. Through TRIPs, providers identify a problem which would benefit from further investigation and develop proposals for collaborative project delivery. The size and scale of projects will vary dependant on scope. Each TRIP has a named adviser allocated to support them in the delivery of their project.

TRIPs are suitable for practitioners, managers and specialist provider staff.

TRIPs will help you to:

  • identify shared challenges and priority areas of work to support T Level delivery
  • develop teaching practice for T Levels
  • contribute to the professional development of staff involved in delivering and supporting T Levels
  • ensure that T Level students develop the knowledge, skills, behaviours and occupational competencies required.

Examples of project themes may include:

  • timetabling for remote teaching
  • programme sequencing to suit local employer requirements
  • developing resources for occupation specialisms or post-Covid-19 T Level teaching.

How to apply for a TRIP

Funding is available to enable a TRIP to be undertaken, subject to meeting application criteria. These include:

  • objectives must be aligned to developing or improving T Level delivery
  • a 2020 or 2021 T Level provider must take a role as the lead member / sponsor responsible for a project
  • the project must be a collaboration across key stakeholders
  • participants will be expected to support the dissemination and sharing of outcomes from projects they are involved in.

Please create your profile on our T Level Professional Development Platform to access the application forms. To read the guidance documents for small and large TRIPs, please click the downloads below.

We also have a useful guidance webinar which will help to answer any questions you might have, and provide further information about the application process.

Large TRIP’s – Guidance document

Small TRIP’s – Guidance document