Professional Development for Leaders

This programme is designed to provide leaders, middle managers, governors and governance professionals with a good understanding of T Levels, so they can shape the direction of their organisation, support the wider leadership team and monitor progress and outcomes.

The programme is split into three courses: Operational Middle Leaders and Managers, Strategic Leaders – Providing T Levels, and Governors – Providing T Levels.

All courses will be available to register from 12 October. Both online and face-to-face courses begin from 26 October.

Operational Middle Leaders and Managers

This course is suitable for staff in leadership and management roles responsible for an aspect of T Level planning, implementation or delivery in areas including, but not limited to:

  • T Level management
  • Subject leads
  • Curriculum development and planning
  • Employer engagement, careers and IAG
  • Quality Assurance
  • Business Development.

The course content is designed to ensure that participants are stretched and challenged, irrespective of their level of experience or expertise in their particular role.

This course is split into two workstreams, delivered through online learning and face-to-face workshops:

1. Leading and managing curriculum change for T Levels

This course will help you to:

  • identify the cultural shift required for effective T Level delivery
  • recognise national, regional and local need for highly skilled young people
  • understand your role in leading curriculum change
  • understand the key aspects of curriculum design
  • identify strategies for working collaboratively with employers to enable co-curriculum design, planning and implementation of T Levels
  • align the implementation of T Levels with organisational values and strategic objectives
  • develop an action plan for your organisation.

2. Leadership and professional practice for T Level planning and implementation

This course will help you to:

  • reflect on your professional role and leadership practice for planning, implementation, and delivery of T Levels
  • identify strategies for working collaboratively with internal and external partners
  • access toolkits and resources that enable and encourage collaborative practice
  • practice collaborative working and further develop your communication skills
  • identify strategies to support and manage your team through the change process
  • identify your own professional development needs and how to support others to identify theirs.

The face-to-face workshops will complement the online offer, and enable participants to share ideas, collaborate and develop a deeper understanding of the content they have covered in the online courses and put what they have learned into practice.

Strategic Leaders – Providing T Levels

This course is suitable for:

  • all staff in leadership roles including CEOs, principals, deputy principals, vice principals, executive directors, directors, heads of department, and those with strategic responsibility within their organisation.

Through both online learning and face-to-face delivery, the programme aims to address the following questions:

  • Is your organisation ready for T Levels?
  • How well do you connect with key stakeholders to influence and guarantee the successful outcome of T Levels?
  • Will your delivery of T Levels meet the demands of employers, and address the skills gaps in the economy?

This course will help you to:

  • use business analysis to develop clear strategic intent for the implementation of T Levels
  • examine and integrate effective modelling strategies to drive change to embed high-quality T Level delivery
  • evaluate current stakeholder engagement practice to guarantee effective collaboration and influence in T Level intent and implementation.

The course consists of:

  • an online learning module – a three-week course with guided learning hours of 2hrs per week (6 hrs in total)
  • face-to-face training – either in the classroom or via a virtual platform.

To optimise the learning to application process it is recommended participants complete the online modules before attending a face-to-face session, but this is not mandatory and will not prevent attendance to face-to-face activities.

Governors – Providing T Levels

This course is designed to provide governors, trustees and governance professionals with a good understanding of T Levels, so they can shape the direction of the organisation, support the leadership team and challenge progress and outcomes.

The course aims to focus on:

  • structure, design and implementation
  • curriculum, quality and finance
  • stakeholder engagement and workforce planning.

This course will help governors to:

  • have the understanding and tools required to shape the direction of your organisation in order to carry out effective T Level planning and delivery;
  • use a framework to help support leadership teams to implement T Levels through educational performance and good financial management;
  • raise awareness of stakeholder management and workforce planning opportunities for T Level implementation.

The course consists of:

  • up to six hours of online learning, across three modules
  • face-to-face events to include workshops, regional networks and a national event.

All T Level Professional Development is offered at no charge.