T Level Role and Route Specific Training

This programme provides T Level staff with personalised CPD journeys created from a range of pedagogical and subject specific courses, modules, workshops and other activities structured to meet the needs of leaders, teachers and trainers, and business support staff.

This CPD support is suitable for:

  • Individual teachers and trainers
  • Practitioners who are new to FE
  • Teachers who would like a refresher in certain areas
  • Support staff – involved in learning support, business support and employer engagement
  • Leaders

Route-specific CPD

There are various elements of CPD to consider – with some online courses and others through face-to-face training. The online route-specific CPD, covering Education and Childcare, Construction, Digital, and Health and Science, will be available for registration from 12 October. The online courses will commence from 30 November.

You will be able to register and book onto the face-to-face route-specific CPD from 30 November. The courses start from 1 February 2021. If you would like to receive information about this course – and for updates on when it will be available to book, please submit your details to our expression of interest form. We will then contact you when CPD relevant to your role, region and/or T Level subject area is available.

To support teachers who are new to FE, or would like a refresher in certain areas, there are two courses available: New Teacher Programme and Teaching T Levels.

New Teacher Programme is a professional development offer for inexperienced teachers delivering technical education, who do not have a formal teaching qualification. The course will equip new teachers with the essential skills that they need to become effective classroom practitioners.

This course is suitable for:

  • New teachers recently arriving from industry
  • Existing members of support or technical staff who have transitioned into teaching roles
  • Part-time, specialist, unqualified teachers.

The course aims to be a first step, enabling new teachers to thrive within the classroom by delivering some essential knowledge about the teaching craft. Three online courses offer participants the opportunity to explore:

  • What is learning?
  • Who are my learners?
  • How am I going to teach?

How will the New Teacher Programme course be delivered and when?

Participants will have the option to enhance their online learning through face-to-face, facilitated workshops (delivered over two days), which will provide the opportunity for peer-group discussions, feedback and reflection on their experience and learning through the online courses.

The online courses will begin on 26 October. Face-to-face courses will be available to book from 30 November, with courses starting from 1 February 2021.

Teaching T Levels is an enriching and practical CPD course designed for those who are new to technical teaching and wish to develop their vocational and professional practice, or new to teaching T Levels and wish to enhance their pedagogical and professional practice.

This course is suitable for:

  • all delivery, support and administrative staff, new to teaching T Levels (for example those coming direct from industry with limited teaching experience)
  • those who are new to technical teaching, as well as support staff including technicians who have transitioned into teaching within their specialist field.

How will the Teaching T Levels course be delivered and when?

Through two online courses (each with six hours of learning) and a face-to-face course (as an optional extension), participants will have the opportunity to:

  • build, refresh or enhance their approach to technical teaching
  • consider the importance of dual professionalism and communities of practice in delivery of T Levels
  • explore curriculum planning, design and delivery with employer partners to enable high quality T Level delivery.

The course has two components:

  1. Enhancing Pedagogy for T Levels (including behaviours for learning, learning theories, essential vocabulary, learning environments, inclusivity, diversity and coaching); and
  2. Professional and Vocational Upskilling (including communities of practice, professional standards and expectations, curriculum intent, constructive alignment, curriculum design, planning and delivery and preparing learners for the industry placement).


Online delivery will commence on 12 October 2020. Face-to-face courses will be available to book from 30 November, with courses starting from 1 February 2021.

All T Level Professional Development is offered at no charge.