Support for Employer Engagement

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The ETF supports employers directly in a number of ways beyond the wider aim of ensuring the country has a skilled workforce.

We develop and promote links between employers and education providers, to ensure teaching and training in the post-16 education sector meets employer needs, as well as delivering a range of services directly for them. This outcome is achieved through a number of different programmes, including Teach Too and Taking Teacher Further. Successful examples of collaborative employer/ provider practice are available on Development and Innovation in TVET exhibition site.

We support employers with their own bespoke training needs to include apprenticeship programme planning and delivery, providing support for in-house teachers, trainers and assessors. Our broad range of information, resources and other professional development tools and materials provides the support for workforce development, as well as helping individual training practitioners in an employer setting.

Employers who are subject to the apprenticeship levy are provided with support when they do not want to deliver the training themselves. We impartially assess what is the right offer for their apprentices, and the support available to provide it. We can ensure training is value for money and of a high quality, employer relevant education for their apprentices.

Our Apprenticeship Support Offer supports managers, teachers, trainers, leaders and employers to make the transition from apprenticeship frameworks to delivery of standards. The programme covers areas including policy, planning, delivery (including end point assessment) and quality improvement. There is also support for individuals wishing to train as End Point Assessors (EPA’s) and organisations considering becoming End Point Assessment Organisations (EPAO).

In terms of support for transition to technical education, three resources have recently been developed by the Learning and Work Institute through a research project commissioned by the ETF, which aimed to identify effective practice in employer engagement in provision for 16/17 year olds on courses below Level 2. The findings of the project will support the development of the proposed ‘transition offer’, which will provide tailored and flexible support for young people who are not yet ready to study at Level 2 at age 16/17. The resources from the project can be found on the Development and Innovation in TVET exhibition site. They share effective practice in terms of provider- employer collaborative working to improve outcomes for learners whilst securing the talent pipeline that industry needs.

The ETF also offer an online module on the Prevent Duty on Foundation Online Learning tailored for employers with apprentices or learners on placement. There is also an in-house and open access training offer for employer providers which can be booked via the booking system.

We provide a full maths and English CPD offer for FE practitioners and managers with face-to-face support as well as blended approaches and online modules. Our important Functional Skills reform programme is a strategic example of identifying employer needs, and working with educational experts and organisations to see how those needs could be delivered.