Previous OTLA projects

Collaborative projects have been undertaken by a wide range of providers of all sizes and types, and have looked at a range of issues around teaching, learning and assessment.

Below are some links to case studies and summaries of many of the OTLA collaborative projects that have taken place since 2015. Resources from many of the projects can be found on the Improving Teaching exhibition site.

  • East Midlands Regional Projects: projects explored professional development models, coaching and mentoring and the use of technology (by both practitioners and learners).
  • London Regional Projects: projects explored English, observations, use of digital technology, apprenticeships, equality and diversity, and student ambassadors.
  • South-East Regional Projects and videos: projects explored a range of issues including working with employers, progress, using technology and effective professional development.
  • North-East Regional Projects: projects focussed on attainment, retention and progression.
  • Digital Projects: projects explored the use of technology, many in relation to providing effective feedback. All of the collaborative projects produced newsletters as their projects progressed.
  • National Technical Programme: these projects were the ETF’s first exploration of preparation for T Levels. All of the projects collaborated with employers as well as other providers.
  • National Apprenticeship Projects: these projects explored the delivery of apprenticeship standards. Some of these projects have been extended.
  • National Advanced Practitioner Projects: projects that explore effective deployment of Advanced Practitioners and are part of the wider Advanced Practitioner Programme. Final reports and case studies will be available soon. Some of these projects have been extended.
  • Functional Skills: these projects explored the delivery of the new Functional Skills curriculum. Final reports and case studies will be available soon.