Maths Testimonials

Over 4,000 teachers and trainers every year use our government-funded maths and English courses and programmes. Below are a few of the comments that we receive about the value of our maths courses and programmes.

“The beauty about this course is knowing exactly what we’re doing in the subject and exactly how we can embed Maths and English into what we’re teaching”.

Daniel Bucknow
Plumbing Tutor
Herefordshire and Ludlow College

“Coming from a small training provider the ETF courses are invaluable for opportunities to meet other maths and English teachers and share ideas, experiences and learning activities. The courses are always practical and inclusive and I have come away with a bank of knowledge and new resources which enable me to feel encouraged and freshly motivated in my delivery.”

Lizzie Gregory
Senior Team Leader

“I think this [maths course] will impact my teaching massively. It will allow me to individualise the students’ learning by getting them involved from the outset from their perspective. By individualising it, they’ll engage more.”

Darren Turner
Public Services Tutor
Herefordshire and Ludlow College

“The course was so useful in making maths learning more meaning, accessible and in keeping students in the growth mind-set.”

Reena Sharma
South Gloucestershire Council

“The most interesting and useful functional skills English course I have been on.”

Lucy Lawler
Foundation Teacher
Cornwall College

“I gained lots of practical ideas that I can embed in my lessons.”

Aysel Alexanian
Chemistry Teacher
West Thames College