Professional Standards for FE Teachers

Professional Standards graphic

The Professional Standards were developed in 2014 by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF). They were developed in consultation with practitioners and providers from across the sector, and define common expectations that:

  • Teachers and trainers are reflective and enquiring practitioners who think critically about their own educational assumptions, values and practices.
  • They draw on relevant research as part of evidence-based practice.
  • They act with honesty and integrity to maintain high standards of ethics and professional behaviour in support of learners and their expectations.
  • Teachers and trainers are subject and/or vocational specialists as well as experts in teaching and learning.
  • They are committed to maintaining and developing their expertise in both aspects of their role to ensure the best outcomes for their learners.
  • The purpose of the Standards is to support teachers and trainers to maintain and improve standards of teaching and learning, and outcomes for learners.

What’s in the professional teaching standards?

Watch our video to hear from practitioners how the Professional Standards have impacted their teaching:

The Education and Training Foundation commissioned a range of education providers throughout 2014 – 15 to create a set of ‘how to’ guides for the standards. The full set of documents can be downloaded from the Excellence Gateway.  

The teaching Professional Standards were written following an extensive review and consultation period across the Education and Training sector. Read the details of this work.