Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Resources

Across the sector, improvements in provision and outcomes for learners with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) are being made through a range of training opportunities, resources and other support for leaders, managers and practitioners.

Now in its third year, our SEND Workforce Development Programme is increasing awareness, capacity and expertise in the post-16 education sector to deliver high-quality provision and support. Our recent training needs analysis provided intelligence into the CPD needs of the wider sector and a separate report on the specific needs of the SEND workforce will be available soon.

We continue to work with the workforce to provide an offer that meets their needs. Three new programmes will be available in Autumn 2018:

1. The Essential SEND Managers Programme which will support SEND Managers to develop the knowledge and skills they need to ensure learners with SEND maximise their potential. For more information contact Jane Finch at jfinch@nationalstar.org

2. The programme for those who want to begin their learning journey on the following specific impairments:
• Autism
• Dyslexia
• Hearing impairment/Deaf

Interested? Then contact training@remploy.co.uk

The face-to-face courses are now available to book on the booking system.

3. Making the SEND reforms work

Three solution focused network meetings which bring together local authority and further education professionals to work together on addressing a specific SEND issue. The network meetings will take place on the following dates:
•17  October 2018 – identifying the challenge and working through solutions
• 5 December 2018 – learning from implementing solutions
• 12 February 2019 – celebrating success and identifying key learning.

If you would like to take part but are struggling to find a partner, please let NDTi know and they may be able to find one for you. For further information and to register please contact: kirstin.hawkes@ndti.org.uk

A range of resources, information and useful links to websites are available on the SEND Exhibition Site to help staff improve outcomes for learners with SEND.

Further support and free toolkits can be also accessed on Foundation Online Learning, including a self-assessment tool for practitioners and organisations, guidance regarding best practices for supporting dyslexic learners and The Right Place toolkit developed in partnership with Royal Mencap Society to help learners secure the most meaningful work placements.

Two new online training modules to support professionals working with young people with SEND to achieve their career aspirations are also available. IAG Skills brings together into one place the information that career practitioners need to offer support to learners with SEND whereas the Sources of Support  toolkit provides further information on helping SEND learners achieve their aspirations, including access to work, traineeships, supported internship info, etc.

Please do take a look at our whole range of courses on the booking system.  If you have any questions or there is something you would like us to offer, please contact Teresa Carroll, Head of Wellbeing and Social Inclusion.