Study Programme Support

Maximising potential through study programmes – a bespoke support package, that develops highly effective work placements promoting social action, maths and English skills.

The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) have commissioned a fourth study programme project to support providers in managing the work placement element of 16-19 study programmes and develop better embedding of social action, maths and English skills to improve the quality and delivery.

Work experience continues to be a challenge for some providers, from the organisation of placements for learners, through to the monitoring and evaluation of the learning taking place.

The two key issues that this project focuses upon are the requirements for:

  • All learners undertaking study programmes to be prepared for, and undertake meaningful and developmental work experience.
  • The need for learners to develop their social action, maths and English skills to enable them to be effective in the work place and understand how contextualised calculation and communication skills are essential elements of their future employment.

The ‘wrap around’ support package includes a practical hands-on approach to the goal setting, planning and cascade of activities across an organisation to help drive developments forward.

This programme focuses on the development of effective work experience programmes that centre on the value to the learner and how these experiences can provide opportunities to develop social action, maths and English.  The programme allows providers to access packages of support that centre on key issues:

  • building staff knowledge and confidence delivering high quality study programmes
  • planning, sourcing and monitoring high quality work placements
  • promoting and raising standards of delivery within maths and English skill development through work placements
  • improving the promotion of youth social action.

This is a flexible support package which includes opportunities for CPD and at least three days’ bespoke onsite support with further remote support for colleagues across your organisation.

As part of this work, we have developed some useful resources that are linked to the proposed technical routes. These creative and innovative resources map job roles within technical routes to Functional Skills, GCSE maths, GCSE English and social action. Animations promote maths and English, and resources are supported with teaching tips on how to use them effectively. These are easily accessible on the Study Programmes Exhibition Site which was launched in December 2018.

This work is delivered through the Adult Learning Improvement Network. Please contact for more information.