Further Forces

In partnership with the Gatsby Charitable Foundation, Further Forces is a scheme to recruit and retrain Armed Forces Service Leavers to teach technical subjects, including Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) in the Further Education (FE) and Skills Sector.

Service Leavers are supported to find employment, allocated a subject specialist mentor, and experience high-quality learning experiences whilst completing their fully-funded teacher training programme at Level 5 or above, which is delivered flexibly. As well as offering Service Leavers the chance of a rewarding career, the scheme also supports FE providers, colleges, independent training companies, UTCs, Sixth Form Colleges, Specialist Colleges, Adult and Community Learning and Justice Sector providers, etc, to recruit highly-skilled teachers and trainers in SET, STEM and wider technical subject specialisms, where there is a recognised skills shortage.

The University of Portsmouth and the Association of Colleges recruit Service Leavers and link them with suitable employment. The newly employed Service Leavers then undergo an in-service ITE training programme.

Alongside this, the University of Brighton provides subject specialist mentoring support to ensure the new teachers are successful in their role. New mentors are being recruited throughout 2020 and interested individuals with experience of technical teaching can email the University of Brighton to find out more or express an interest.

Last opportunity to apply

Potential recruits have until the end of August 2020 to complete their induction, orientation and programme registration – this deadline has been extended from the original end of March date because of the Covid 19 pandemic. This will allow them to begin Initial Teacher Education training before, or at the latest by, 30 September 2020.

No further recruitment will take place after 31 August 2020. Beyond then, service leavers interested in FE teaching will be able to draw on support from the ETF FE Advice Line and will be signposted towards other opportunities (and associated financial support) to undertake teacher training.

Those considering applying may also wish to watch this film featuring former Royal Engineer Dean Carpenter talking about his successful transition into FE.

Trainees who are already engaged in Further Forces will continue to be funded to complete their nationally recognised ITE qualification and supported to secure employment in FE technical teaching roles.

Pin maps to match Further Forces candidates to teaching vacancies remain available. Service leavers can view the pin maps via the Careers Transition Partnership website for Further Forces. Further Education providers can view the pin map using this link and can also receive fortnightly newsletters containing anonymised profiles of Further Forces trainees who are seeking employment opportunities now or in the future. Contact the University of Portsmouth to subscribe to the newsletters.

Further Information and case studies

Since its inception in 2017, Further Forces has provided armed services leavers with the relevant technical knowledge, skills and experience to train as teachers in the FE sector. It has attracted candidates from the Air Force, Army and Royal Navy to teach a variety of SET (Science, Engineering and Technology), STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and wider technical subjects. Candidates are highly sought after for these roles, which are acknowledged as hard-to-fill in FE. Recruits have included engineers, scientists and digital specialists. A selection of case studies of those who have entered the profession via Further Forces is available on the ETF website.

To find out more please visit the University of Portsmouth’s website.

For Further Forces programme information, please see below:

If you have any queries about Further Forces, please contact Cerian Ayres.