Online support for employer engagement

The move from apprenticeship frameworks to standards has required a cultural change, influencing a provider’s delivery and engagement strategy. Whilst this is a challenge, it also offers a huge opportunity for those providers that embrace the central role that employers now have in the procurement of training an apprentice. Developing an approach that meets employers’ needs and gives them confidence that apprenticeships are a valuable recruitment route is key to the engagement plan.

A number of resources have been developed that will help providers consider the multi-dimensional requirements and approach to work with employers as a valued long-term delivery partner.

CPD videos focusing on employer needs

We have developed five short videos which address key topics in the apprenticeship sales cycle and curriculum planning to support provider front line staff working to meet the needs of employers. The focus is about developing effective provider/ employer relationships:

  1. Curriculum Planning: Changing Provider Culture
  2. Curriculum Planning: Giving Employers What They Want
  3. Sales Cycle: First Meeting
  4. Sales Cycle: Account Management
  5. Sales Cycle: Levy / Non-Levy

Employer Engagement (apprenticeships) – CPD Module

This resource has been designed to provide information and support for staff within apprenticeship providers who may be new to apprenticeships, or could benefit from some refresher training.

This resource will guide training providers through the changes to apprenticeships to ensure that they are able to confidently explain what the reforms mean to employers and where to access further information.

Employer Engagement Toolkit (apprenticeships)

This toolkit is aimed at providers who offer apprenticeships. It seeks to help them to engage more effectively with employers who might use their services.

The main three themes that are explored are:

  • How well prepared are you as a provider to promote and deliver apprenticeships?
  • Looking from our customer’s perspective, what are the benefits and opportunities, and what are the barriers that prevent engagement?
  • How well prepared are you as an agent for employer engagement, to have those initial and continuous conversations with an employer.