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Welcome to our T Levels news and communications page. Here, you’ll find all the latest news about the ETF’s Professional Development offer and links to other important announcements about the roll-out of the new qualifications.

T Levels news

T Level Professional Development Conference open for booking

A T Level Professional Development conference is taking place in Exeter on 9 December, where attendees will gain valuable, practical teaching and curriculum planning tips to support T Level delivery.

General Competency Frameworks published

The general competency frameworks for T Levels have been published by the Institute for Apprenticeships as part of the T Level panel guidance.

T Levels ‘NexT Level’ campaign launches

The Department for Education has launched the ‘NexT Level’ campaign to ensure that young people have the information they need to apply for the first of the pioneering T Levels starting in September 2020.

T Level Action Plan 2019

The Department for Education published a new edition of its T Level Action Plan on Monday 7 October (2019).

TLPD reference guide

A handy reference guide indicating the best starting place for T Level Professional Development depending on your role is available to view.

Industry Insights placements updates

A diversity of placements at a range of employers are taking place across England as part of the Industry Insight offer.

TLPD events calendar launched

A calendar specifically for booking events, courses and webinars related to the T Level Professional Development (TLPD) offer has launched.

Updated information on T Level grading and UCAS tariff points

The Department for Education and UCAS have released the grading and certification and tariff points information for T Levels.

Application window open for second wave of Teacher Regional Improvement Projects

Applications are now open for submissions for the remaining 19 TRIP projects. Submissions should be received no later than 12pm, 11 October 2019.

Assessment for T Levels sessions coming soon

New sessions focussing on formative and summative assessment will shortly be available via your Regional Knowledge Hub.

Remission funding for Teacher Regional Improvement Project participants

Information on how to access remission funding for TRIPs and the wider TLPD offer can be found here.

TLPD TRIPs second wave launch events open for booking

Launch events for those wishing to find out more about applying for the second wave of Teacher Regional Improvement Projects (TRIPs) have been announced.

TLPD brochure available

A summary of the ETF’s T Level Professional Development offer is now available in a printed brochure. A PDF of the publication can be accessed here.

2021 T Level providers announced

The Department for Education has confirmed further details of the roll out of T levels from 2020 and the identities of the second wave of providers who will deliver the courses from 2021.

Applications for TLPD Industry Insight Placements open

Applications for the TLPD Industry Insight Placements opened on 12 June 2019. Applications are being accepted for 175 placements and it is intended that they will take place across all regions of England.

TLPD self-assessment tools now available

Self-assessment tools to help organisations and individuals who will deliver T Levels assess their readiness are now available on the ETF’s Foundation Online Learning website.

Top Tips guides and subject-specialist videos now available

Top Tips guides focused on recent innovations in teaching practice and a suite of videos featuring subject specialist teachers talking about tricky-to-teach areas of the curriculum are now available as part of the T Level Professional Development offer.

More support to help employers offer T Level Industry Placements

The Department for Education has announced more support for T Level Industry Placements. It includes guidance for employers and providers, a new pilot scheme and ‘how to’ guides and workshops.

Evaluation of T Level Industry Placement Pilot: route reports

A report evaluating the pilot T Level Industry Placements has been published by the Department for Education. The report considers the success of different pilots and support and highlights lessons for the national roll-out.

Positive reception for Knowledge Hubs, TRIPs and Industry Insight at launch events

Launch events for the Knowledge Hubs, Teacher Regional Improvement Projects and Industry Insight aspects of the TLPD offer have received positive feedback from attendees.

Understanding T Levels modules to launch in June

Nine online modules for the Understanding T Levels strand of the ETF’s TLPD offer will be available in June, it has been announced.

TLPD support for embedding English, maths and digital skills announced

A range of professional development opportunities designed to support technical teachers to embed English, maths and digital skills into their technical subject teaching have been announced.

TLPD Industry Insight details revealed

Details of the Industry Insight component of the ETF’s T Level Professional Development offer have been revealed.

T Level Knowledge Hubs, Teacher Regional Improvement Projects and Industry Insight activity set to launch

Three regional Knowledge Hubs being established as part of the Education and Training Foundation’s T Level Professional Development (TLPD) offer will be launched at the end of April.

ETF T Levels bulletin – sign up

April 2019 will see the ETF launch a fortnightly bulletin focusing on the T Level Professional Development offer. To receive it, please sign up on our newsletters page, ticking the ‘T Levels’ box.

Brand and style guidelines available

Brand and style guidelines for use by delivery partners in the production of T Level Professional Development offer resources are now available. Contact Charley Francis for these.

T Levels Action Plan 2018 published

The T Level Action Plan 2018 was published by the Department for Education in December 2018. You can read it on

inTuition Technical Teaching supplement

The special supplement of the Autumn 2018 edition of the Society for Education and Training’s inTuition journal focused on technical teaching, Read the supplement.