Organisational Readiness

This strand of the T Level Professional Development offer focuses on organisational readiness and supports the development of management and leadership skills, in order that middle managers, governors, trustees and governance professionals can lead their organisations towards T Level readiness.

There are three parts to this strand of the TLPD offer with the support consisting of face-to-face events, online modules, webinars and mentoring opportunities as both a pre-planned and on-demand basis. This is designed to make it as simple as possible for leaders to engage during busy periods.

CPD for Middle Managers

This focuses on leadership and management skills for change, project management, implementing and planning effectively for the new curriculum – including provision for learners with SEND – and leading effective partnerships and employer relationships.

The CPD takes the form of four e-learning sessions, webinars, national training events and bespoke in-house training. Professional development and change-project action plans will be produced as part of this workstream.

An introductory webinar provides an overview of the CPD support on offer.

E-learning topics include; understanding your role as an agent of change, working with colleagues to implement change, leading through uncertainty and reflection and planning for change.

As you work through the sessions, there are opportunities to identify and analyse your initial thoughts and ideas about including the T Level within your organisation’s curriculum and some practical tools to help you to gain an understanding of your own organisation’s culture and ways of working to support your role as an agent of change.

Completing the e-learning sessions before you attend face-to-face training will introduce you to some of the key ideas and frameworks underpinning change management and enable you to reflect on what you want to gain from further training.

The one-day national training events take place throughout the country. Training events consist of workshops on: developing leadership practice, planning for curriculum change, and partnership working and measuring success.

Bespoke, in-house training can also be provided with organisations choosing the workshops which best suit their training needs.

Mentoring for Middle Managers

The mentoring scheme supports middle managers in planning for and implementing the changes required for effective T Level delivery.

We recommend that you attend a national or in-house training event and complete the fourth e-learning module before engaging with the mentoring scheme. However, participants can opt to engage with mentoring first, and then be supported to access the most relevant components of the TLPD offer, if doing so meets their specific needs.

Mentors are experienced in leading change within the education sector and knowledgeable about T Levels, and will enable managers to prioritise the changes they have identified within their areas of responsibility.

Through the development plans produced in the previous workstream, managers will be supported to think and act strategically, resulting in teams empowered to enable change, improve collaboration and networks.

Express an interest in mentoring support here.

CPD for Governors, Trustees and Governance Professionals

The third workstream offers support on strategic leadership, the step-change required for partnerships and employer relationships, and how the new qualifications will affect organisational financial strategy.

The CPD is comprised of a series of nine regional events featuring a comprehensive introduction to T Levels and their potential impact on financial management, strategic planning and workforce development, and the opportunity to network with governors and board members from a range of providers. Regional events are available to book now.

An in-house training option can be delivered within previously planned itineraries of governance meetings and wider CPD events. Choosing this bespoke option will enable governors, trustees and governance professionals to access the most relevant modules to support them in making those important future strategic decisions.

Participation in the e-learning modules will allow individuals to explore the implications of T Level delivery in their institutions as a means of supporting senior and middle managers in critical strategic decision-making relating to the implementation of these technical qualifications in their organisations.

There are four e-learning modules, each of which will take you approximately 45 minutes to complete. E-learning modules are available now and can be completed as required at individual discretion.