Teacher Development Programme

This strand of the TLPD offer consists of work around pedagogy, subject knowledge and professional practice – being delivered on behalf of the ETF by teams at Derby and Sheffield Hallam universities and Cognition Education – through face-to-face training and online resources.

The face-to-face programmes can be delivered flexibly, in full or parts and in a place to suit you, depending on requirements. Please contact us at TLPD@etfoundation.co.uk for more information.

The element focussing on pedagogy includes:

  1. a generic 20-hour course consisting of 8 modules which can be adapted to offer bespoke delivery depending on requirements. This covers the basics of technical teaching for the new or unqualified teacher: a selection of theory and practice to provide a basis for sound technical delivery
  2. a series of 22 x 1 hour online modules similarly aimed at new and unqualified teachers providing an alternative format for those unable to participate in the face-to-face programmes or wishing for some consolidation
  3. a series of 8 top tips guides covering recent innovations in pedagogy which provide further learning, and are also an opportunity for staff who have been qualified for some time to update their practice on recent pedagogic innovations and ideas
  4. a remote support service from active teacher-trainers via ITTEsupport@etfoundation.co.uk / 0333 103 8401.

The element focussing on subject knowledge includes:

  1. a series of 2.5 hour face-to-face workshops around the country covering an aspect of subject knowledge for each of the three 2020 T Level subjects
  2. a webinar series for each of the 2020 T Level subjects: Digital, Construction and Education and Childcare
  3. a set of videos where existing subject tutors talk about how they deliver particularly tricky parts of the curriculum in each of the 3 subject areas
  4. a subject knowledge reference database including links to sources for staff to refresh learning in each of the three 2020 subjects.

The third element, focussing on professional practice includes:

  1. a series of workshops around the country looking at current professional practice in the three 2020 subject areas
  2. a set of videos where teachers and managers discuss ways of making the most of learners’ industry placements.

A fourth element focussing on assessment includes a series of workshops across the country examining the particulars of assessment on T Levels. These are 2.5 hour workshops which look at the detail of how T Levels are assessed and then provide space for discussion of particular issues or worries.

English, maths and digital skills

Underpinning this strand is help in developing English, maths and digital skills in different learning environments. Drawing on best practice from other ETF programmes, this activity focusses on the teaching of these core skills which are embedded in each T Level route.

Delivered on behalf of the ETF by Claire Collins Consultancy and the West Midlands Centre for Excellence in Teacher Training (WMCETT), it includes training events on the principles of embedding, training courses and follow-up interactive webinars focussed on each skill area, and courses delivered on the ETF’s Foundation Online Learning site.

Details of these courses are available on the ETF’s booking site via the following links:

A webinar series investigates the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education’s new General Competency Frameworks and explores ways in which embedded English, maths and digital skills can be developed through T Level courses.

A webinar to help participants to identify which elements of the available CPD would be most useful for either themselves or their staff is also running on a monthly basis.

Online modules covering each skill area are available via the ETF’s Foundation Online Learning site. Please note that you will need to be logged in to access this content.