Delivering training on the Business and Administration route course

T Level Route Specific CPD courses, part of the ETF’s T Level Professional Development offer, is suitable for middle managers and frontline teachers and focus on delivery and assessment methods, planning considerations and route-wide teaching approaches. In this blog, Chris Bowen, Business and Law Programme Manager at Petroc College, speaks to Eve Thompson, one of the ETF’s CPD Trainers, about his experience of delivering training on the Business and Administration route course.

When will your college start delivering the Business and Administration T Level?
We plan to start the delivery of the Business and Administration T level in September 2022.

Which T Levels do they already deliver?
At present, the college delivers T Levels in Healthcare Science and in Childcare – my partner teaches on the Childcare T Level so I have been able to take notes!

How have you and your staff prepared for T Levels so far?
I have been involved in the creation of online and face-to-face learning materials for those looking at starting T Levels in Business and Administration as part of Petroc being a Centre for Professional Technical Education (CPTE) – it has been an eye opener but very useful! Colleagues have also been involved in Networks and have even had an Industry Insights placement which they have found very useful.

What are the benefits of these courses in your opinion?
The courses provide a good basis for wherever you are in the planning stage. It provides a platform for accessing potential ideas, resources and to give you the confidence that you can do this! You are not alone!

Many of us are coming to T Levels from a BTEC background so these courses help you consider options and support that can help your institution plan for the launch and also help dispel any concerns that you may have. It is also good to network with professionals in a similar situation as many heads can give good ideas!

Why would you recommend staff to undertake a Route Specific course?
It provides help in terms of a starting point for those who are starting their planning for T Level delivery and provides a supportive environment to explore and plan. The course is very informal and a chance for like-minded professionals to share experiences as well as hopes and fears. It is structured to be as interactive as possible and promotes good discussion points for all, us included.

What are your top tips for other providers preparing for T Level delivery?
Don’t be daunted – it is not as big as you think it is and there is a lot of help and support out there. Others are in the same boat as you so do not be afraid to ask and to network. Delivering a new course is something that we have all done at times and sometimes the fear of the unknown is what scares us. Keep in touch with the awarding body updates where possible as the website is being updated with new resources with more to come.

How did you find delivering the route specific course?
It was a great opportunity to get involved in the planning of the course. We have had to deal with logistics thrown at us by Covid which has meant that face-to-face has been replaced by online, but aside from a fire alarm going off it has been a great experience to be part of. It has been a journey for us as well as delivering in that we have had to try a step ahead of the curve with new and changing information. We are looking forward to our first face to face event in March where we meet with colleagues and have a greater chance to develop networks.

What were the highlights?
Networking with people and sharing some ideas that even we hadn’t thought of. It felt good to be part of something useful. It was good to be able to meet with like-minded professionals especially as events have been few and far between due to covid. Yes, it was online, but we move with technology.

How did participants find the course?
The feedback we had was very positive with the participants finding it very useful – always good to hear! We have now done 3 sessions online and each one has seen a different audience coming from similar yet different angles. They have found it very useful especially from a networking point of view.

Eve has been working closely with Petroc College and says: “It has been fantastic to work with Chris and the team at Petroc, they have really thrown themselves into their T Level preparations. All of this preparation has allowed them to share valuable insights and experiences to support others on their T Level journey. We have worked together to ensure an interactive and collaborative approach to this programme, in order to allow those attending to maximise their learning through meaningful discussions. Online delivery of the programme so far has been excellent and we are really looking forward being able to deliver some face-to-face events. We see these as not only being great learning opportunities but also a way for colleagues to network between providers.”

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