TLPD blog: T Levels successfully launched at La Retraite Sixth Form

La Retraite Sixth Form, based in South London, currently offers the Digital and Education and Childcare T Levels. What appealed to the Sixth Form most about T Levels was how the qualifications are written by employers and are designed to give students the skills required for the workplace.

One of the main benefits of the T Level Professional Development (TLPD) offer provided by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) was that it enabled the Sixth Form’s staff and governors to give careers advice and guidance to students and parents about this new qualification.

Ruth Coyle, Director of La Retraite Sixth Form, explains which features of the TLPD offer they found most valuable and why.

What was your experience when first approaching the TLPD offer?

“The Individual Training Needs Analysis allowed us, as a centre, to create an action plan of what needed to be done, to successfully introduce T Levels, which was particularly helpful when easing us into the process.”

What part of the TLPD offer has had the most impact in your opinion?

“All of the teachers delivering on the T Levels took part in the Industry Insight placements. This gave the teachers an understanding of how industry operates in 2020. This experience has been invaluable for curriculum development and delivery.”

What early innovations have you had with T Level planning and delivery?

“Through the ETF we were able to set up a T Level Resource Improvement Project (TRIP) for the Digital T Level. We worked alongside SFX College, The Elmgreen School, St John Bosco School and business partners. ICT staff were trained by the ETF specialists on how to deliver the curriculum. They also wrote case studies in conjunction with business partners Comensura, ISG, EDF, The Bridge Digital and Profusion.

These real life case studies are used to deliver the Digital T Level content. Students have regular contact with these employers, ensuring everything they learn is related to the business environment.”

All T Level providers and their teaching staff are encouraged to complete an Individual Training Needs Analysis, sign up and create a plan which is tailored to you via the T Level Professional Development Platform.  

La Retraite Sixth Form has useful information on its website which can be used by others, including material for assemblies, a YouTube video introducing T Levels and downloadable leaflets detailing who the sixth form is working with in delivering T Levels.

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