TLPD Blog: Leicester College shares how it is preparing staff for T Levels during these challenging times

During the pandemic, Leicester College has engaged with the ETF’s T Level Professional Development (TLPD) offer by attending live online sessions, running bespoke in-house training and promoting the ETF online training offer and the Individual Training Needs Analysis.

Working closely with their ETF Area Relationship and Development Lead, Nichole Munro, the College are receiving dedicated advice, guidance and support for engaging with the TLPD offer. Nichole said:

“Leicester College has been operating under some of the most stringent lockdown rules since March 2020. However, they have not let this stop them from moving forward with their T Level roll out plan, which has at its heart, the training and development needs of its staff. Leicester has been proactive in all elements of collaborative working with the ETF.”

Leicester College’s HR Development team share their experience with us:

Getting started with the TLPD offer

“In August and September 2019 in preparation for T Levels, staff from our HR Development team and our Quality team took part in face-to-face training sessions to help us understand the impact of T Levels and to learn about the development offer from the ETF.”

Who got involved and how?

“Members of our Governors team took part in an organisational readiness for Governors session in January 2020.

We held a successful in-house middle managers organisational readiness workshop in February 2020, facilitated by the ETF. We have hosted webinar viewings for managers to take part in and learn about what they need to do to be ready for T Levels. Webinar viewings have taken place in our HR team, Management Information Systems (MIS) team, Exams team, Finance team and Student Services team to help them prepare for T Levels.”

Persevering during the pandemic

“During the pandemic we have still been promoting the ETF’s TLPD offer and encouraging staff to engage with the online resources available.

All staff that are going to be delivering T Levels completed their Independent Training Needs Analysis and shared the results with the HR Development team. We are collating the results so that we can encourage staff to complete the recommended training and we will also be meeting with areas regularly to monitor if there are any further development needs.”

Next steps

“We hope to run some bespoke training sessions looking at the different subject routes in partnership with the ETF, which will take place online hopefully in the next few months.”

All T Level providers and their teaching staff are encouraged to complete an Individual Training Needs Analysis, sign up and receive a bespoke training plan which is tailored to you via the T Level Professional Development Platform.  

Contact your Area Relationship and Development Lead to find out more.

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