TLPD Route Specific Training – what to expect and how to get involved

Jo Hill, ETF Performance Manageris responsible for the relationship and ongoing work of the sector delivery partners within the T Level Professional Development offer. With a number of Route Specific Training courses due to start, she outlines what to expect with these practical courses, in light of the current pandemic.  

What are the T Level Route Specific courses? 

The Route Specific Training element of the T Level Professional Development (TLPD) offer is designed for frontline staff and middle managers delivering T Levels. These courses are subject specific, covering assessment methods, legislation, teaching approaches and curriculum content, as well as how teaching T Levels differs from the teaching of existing qualifications.  

How are the courses being delivered?  

The content of the courses is delivered through:  

  • Face-to-face (live online) events, delivered by Centres for Professional and Technical Education (CPTE)Read on to find out how these courses have adapted, due to Covid-19. 

What is a CPTE? 

The Centres for Professional and Technical Education (CPTEs) are the sector facing delivery element of the T Level Professional Development (TLPD) offer. The lead CPTE is responsible for the design, development and delivery of a T Level Route – as well as the T Levels within it.  

The work of a CPTE is paid and high-profile role for a provider wishing to take a leading position in the national discourse surrounding T Levels and technical education.  

How are these courses mitigating against Covid-19? 

Upcoming facetoface courses for each T Level route have been designed and developed by our CPTEs to complement the corresponding online course. These courses are designed to be delivered onsite at the CPTEOwing to their practical nature, the courses provide a handson experience for participants, utilising any specialist facilities and industry-standard equipment the centres have

Due to the current situation with Covid-19, live online courses in these subjects have been developed to focus on the theoretical content of the facetoface courses. It is expected that staff will participate in the remaining practical elements through the face-to-face delivery, once government guidelines permit. 

This will mean participants will still have the opportunity to make use of the CPTEs resourcesand experience simulated workplaces themselves within the context of pedagogy and practice. 

How can courses and events be booked 

Live online courses are available to book now via the T Level Professional Development Platform.  

The dates for the T Level specific courses are also available to book through the platform. See the upcoming events calendar for further information.

Are there still opportunities to become a CPTE? 

The ETF has recently appointed three lead CPTEs for the next courses in: Business and Administration, Legal, Finance and Accounting, and Engineering and Manufacturing. These courses are now in development and will be launched in September. 

There are also opportunities to become a CPTE for existing or future Route and T Level subjectsThere are two options to consider 

1. Become a CPTE partner – working in collaboration with the lead CPTE on development of the courses and delivery 

2. Apply to be a CPTE deliverer – delivering the Route Specific Training to other providers in the sector.  

In becoming a CPTE partner/deliverer, you will receive training from the lead centre in your particular route, you will have the opportunity to raise your organisation’s profile and you will become a specialist training organisation.   

For more information and to register your interest to be a CPTE partner/deliverer, or a future CPTE lead, contact your ETF Area Relationship and Development Lead. 

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