What to expect on the Operational Middle Leaders and Managers course

The ETF’s Operational Middle Leaders and Managers (OMLM) course, part of the T Level Professional Development offer, is available to your provider now. The training supports professionals who will be managing the planning and implementation of T Levels. AlphaPlus, one of the ETF’s delivery partners, provide the training on the OMLM workshops. In this blog, Clare Dowland, AlphaPlus Project Manager, describes what the course is, what the benefits are, and how providers can get involved.

Whether you are an experienced middle leader or manager or relatively new to your role, planning for and implementing the structures required for T Levels is bound to require discussion, consultation, reflection and collaboration with colleagues. Our four workshops which combine theoretical approaches with applied activities are a good place to begin this process.

Participants on the course will learn to identify the key principles for managing T Level change, extend their understanding of what it means to work ‘collaboratively’, discuss the key principles of curriculum design for T Levels and share approaches to work with stakeholders.

The workshops are:

  • Leading curriculum change for T Levels: leadership practice.
  • Working collaboratively: effective leadership practice to plan, implement and deliver T Levels.
  • Designing the T Level curriculum: theory into practice.
  • Working with employers: co-designing the T Level curriculum, putting it into practice.

We’ve received some great feedback so far from the in-house training which can be delivered as virtual in-house training over Zoom or as face-to-face delivery. Attendees have spoken about the advantages of working with colleagues from across their organisation for the first time on T Levels and many realise that there is more still to be done to prepare than previously thought.

Selected feedback includes:

“The activities were very good, with clear hand outs and different approaches.”

“It was good to think about the information needed from employers.”            

“It was great to have the time and opportunity to discuss challenges and consider who to connect with.”

“This session created interesting conversations with the support of an experienced trainer.”

“The tools and activities allowed me to consider issues I had never even thought about.”

Tailored for you

If you are a provider with at least six colleagues who would benefit from one of our workshops, you can arrange a tailored session at a date and time to suit you. We’ll have a discussion with a lead contact for each provider to understand what you are looking for, who the audience is and how we can optimise our materials for your workshop.

To arrange an initial call to find out what training can be provided for your organisation contact AlphaPlus via email  ManagersTLPD@alphaplus.co.uk.


Open workshops and online courses

The online courses on FutureLearn are:

  • Leadership and Professional Practice for T Level Planning and Implementation.
  • Leading and Managing Curriculum Change for T Levels.

As well as arranging a session for your organisation, you can also book a place on one of our open workshops.

You can find out more and access the FutureLearn courses or book a place on the workshops through the ETF’s dedicated
T Level Professional Development Platform. 

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