CfEM blog: Centres for Excellence in Maths, the next phase


Blog by Paul Kessell-Holland, the ETF’s Director of Insights, for the Centres for Excellence in Maths (CfEM) programme.

As we come to the end of the first term of this year, it is good to do what many of us do in the holiday season – to look back and forward, and maybe do some stock taking. Fortunately, we have no need to make any new resolutions on the programme, there are plenty of good intentions and fabulous actions already in place – the National trials are going ahead, all the Centres are working away on their individual action research projects, and our networks continue to grow.

In the spirit of looking forward, it is good to think about what the ambitions are for the CfEM programme, and how we will achieve them. While the overarching driver is entirely that of improving learner outcomes at Level 2, doing this takes myriad actions large and small. We need to build a sustainable legacy of teachers who are able to support their learners for years to come, and who know how to help each other to understand what may work in their contexts. There are some wonderful examples already emerging of where we are managing this now, but we can always be better. My call to action would be that we need to ensure as we all work so hard in the rest of this year that we maintain the excellence and attention to detail that has characterised what we are doing to date. We need to recruit more network partners, and there are a number of colleges who have recently ‘signed up’ which is positive, but again more can be done in the next few months.

We should all be proud of what the programme has achieved in such a short space of time, and I look forward to seeing what we manage to learn, share, develop and understand over the coming year.

Further information on the Centres for Excellence in Maths programme can be found on the CfEM webpages.

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